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Will the New iPhone be Waterproof?

Apple is a mobile phone giant that aims to deliver a flagship model of their famed iPhones each and every year.

The naming scheme is quite obvious so I will just refer to the new iPhone as the iPhone 7.

Now, there are rumors circulating over the internet these past few days stating that the new iPhone 7 mobile phone will be made out of entirely new materials and it is also rumored to be waterproof.

Of course, these are just rumors until Apple decides to officially spill the beans on what’s new about the upcoming mobile phone.

But, since the rumors are quite so real, let’s take the time to dissect where these rumors came from and why it came into fruition.

The rumors came from a prominent website Since then, a lot of people were researching about anything that is new with the upcoming iPhone 7. Apparently, two things always come up: the new iPhone 7 being waterproof and it will also be made with entirely different materials.

Let’s talk about the first one. There are a lot of mobile phones on the market today that is waterproof, or at least, water-resistant. These phones can be put by the poolside and people will not worry if it gets wet because of its location.

Now, the iPhone 7, being a new and upcoming flagship model from Apple, it wouldn’t be too far off that the new mobile phone will become waterproof as well. Think about it: a lot of people are actually buying the new flagship mobile phone from Apple each and every year.

That means that the demographic or the number of iPhone users are plentiful. It would be logical to think that the phone will become waterproof as a lot of people do have a tendency to bring their phones either to the pool or to the beach, right?

Also, Sony, another mobile phone giant, have already released a lot of waterproof mobile phones in the past couple of years. If Apple were to not release the iPhone 7 as a waterproof device, it would leave them at the backburner since Samsung has already incorporated the waterproof design starting with their Samsung Galaxy S5, another flagship model from Samsung.

In line with the iPhone 7’s rumors of it being a waterproof mobile phone, some people have also speculated that the new mobile phone will have new and more durable components.

Apple has already tried using Aluminum and Plastic in making their iPhones in the past, and it would be nice if Apple were to use more durable and sturdier materials. Take a look at the direction where Sony is headed. Not only do they make their phones waterproof but they are also made of very durable materials.

In fact, Sony’s mobile phones are quite durable that a lot of people do not see the need to buy protective cases for their mobile phones anymore.

Still, these two things are still rumors as of this time of writing. Only time will tell when Apple will truly make a new and improved, waterproof mobile phone in the form of the iPhone 7.