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Alundra Game for the Playstation One

What will you do if you have such an amazing gift, say, having the power to enter people’s dreams and something about it?

Well, there is such a game where you can “dreamwalk” by entering people’s dreams (or nightmares) and can possibly save them from death.

In this article, I will talk about Alundra Game for the Playstation One. This is an action-adventure RPG game and your role is to control Alundra in his quest to save the people from Merzas.

Anyway, the game begins with Alundra being washed ashore. Apparently, Alundra was mindlessly exploring the sea when a storm struck, leaving him and his ship wildly roaming the seas.

He ends up being washed ashore near the town of Inoa. Alundra was found by a Blacksmith who took him in.

When Alundra woke up, he was then told that the town is under some sort of curse as the inhabitants have been suffering from dreams or nightmares to the extent that some of them die.

Upon going about in the town, he comes across a poor fellow who has been having nightmares. After touching the person, Alundra apparently went into the person’s dream.

After defeating the foes in the person’s nightmare, Alundra sees that he has a special gift and that gift can help save the entire town.

After quite some time, the town is plagued by a severe curse where people are attacked in their nightmares and ultimately killing them in the process.

The townsfolk blamed Alundra for this because it only happened after Alundra came to the town.

It didn’t stop Alundra from helping the town, though. In fact, he implored the aid of another dreamwalker, Meia, to help him investigate this matter.

It was then later found out that Melzas was doing all of this. He disguised himself as a God so that people would worship and pray for him.

Every prayer he gets, he gains strength and power and, thus, the curse gets stronger and stronger.

After knowing of the fact, Alundra faces Melzas. After a fierce battle, Alundra emerged victorious and the city is spared from Melzas.

The Alundra Game for the Playstation One is one of the best action adventure games for the gaming platform.

That is because in this game, you need to control Alundra and you need to solve some mind-bending puzzles in order to advance the game.

Most of the time, you will be entering people’s dreams (or nightmares) and you fight against evil beings inside their dream state.

The game gives you a top-down perspective and Alundra has a sword as his main weapon. Further into the game, the player will have a chance to get a slew of other weapons as well.

Melzas is the main antagonist of the game and he is the one causing all of these nightmares that kill people.

Your main task is to uncover all of the information about Melzas so that you can defeat him for good, sparing the town from his evil.

If you want to have a rather challenging action-adventure game, then the Alundra Game for the Playstation One is a good choice.