Gaming for Nintendo

Nintendo games consoles had always rode on the success of some of its fascinating games. Nintendo games consoles were a great treat, especially with their firm controls and their portability, but what also contributed to their popularity were the games. Nintendo developed some amazing games which were new, innovative and they were relatively uncomplicated to play while being enticing enough. It is well known today how Nintendo games consoles had explored Mario and had reinvented the popular character, time and again, to drive its sales. While Mario was completely new to most of the world and it continued to remain addictive for millions of gamers worldwide, there were a few games other than the Mario spree which had made Nintendo games consoles extremely popular.

  • Donkey Kong in early eighties and Donkey Kong Country later in 1994, had millions of fans addicted to Nintendo games consoles. Donkey Kong Country came out with 3D graphics, almost two decades before 3D movies became a norm. Donkey Kong County went on to become the fastest selling video game at that point in time. It is vouched for by many gamers and experts that Donkey Kong County was the most advanced or the most state of the art in regards to graphics, among all Nintendo games consoles.
  • GoldenEye 64 was one of the reasons why Nintendo 64 was such a hit. Through much of the nineties, shooter games with first person narrative were common in personal computers but they were yet to be a norm in gaming consoles. Nintendo games consoles took the plunge and when the movie Golden Eye became a hit in 1997, there was no stopping the GoldenEye 64 on Nintendo games consoles. Nintendo was also brave enough as a company to come with a rather weird shaped controller in the Nintendo 64 but it made perfect sense when a user played the controls or trigger to fire the weapons.
  • Pokémon became a sensation in late nineties. Pokémon was not a creation of Nintendo but it was smart coupling of a popular game with a popular gaming device at the time by the company. Nintendo games consoles with Pokémon became an instant favorite of millions, not just in the US but across the world.
  • Beyond the Mario and Super Smash Brothers, Nintendo games consoles after the turn of the century or millennium came out with Wii Sports. Motion controlled games that are fun, different and versatile became vogue and the sales of Wii consoles are documented for all to gauge its popularity.