Hover board makes your way a perfect at all the times

All are working in many places and they choose the different mode of transport to reach their work place according to your convince you all would choose different kinds of the vehicles which would leave you at the correct time. Mostly you would choose the car for your transport facility. Many of them using cars for single person and it may waste of fuel, effort while driving and the main thing is traffic. So you cannot able to move from that place easily so you cannot able to go to the place where you need at correct time. In order to overcome this problem the hover board had been found and it is the best for you to use.

The hover board is the best vehicle for the single user and it would take you to your place easily and suppose if there is any traffic that time you can take your hover board in your hand and you can go easily. It saves your time, energy and protects you in all your ways.

The hover board is made by the steel frame with the central pivot in which the logical board had been fixed were it is easy for you to stand over it.

Then it have two gyroscopes and also it have a charging point where you can fill charge instead of filling petrol within it and so that the fuel is saved.

It also contains the LED light for the attraction and the pressure pads with the plastic shells which is used for you to balance your hover board while you make a move.

You can guide your hover board in all your ways

The hover board would fully based on the movement that you give through your body and it would analyze your body movement and act according to that and with that movements only it could able to move forward or backward. The wheels that had been present in the hover board are made up of the electric motors and they contain a tilt and speed sensor which helps you while you travel fast. The sensor would sense the rpm that you had travel through the hover board wheel and it would send that signal to the gyroscope and it would control your speed completely and that would protect you from your accidents.

As like human being hover board also has a brain which it is used to control the whole process and that is known as the logical board and that processor would able to compute all the real time status of the board and it would adjust according to that. During your travel you have to use your gravitational force in order to move upward or downward and if you want to move to the different direction then you have to move your body right or left according to that the hover board would make a move. You can charge your batteries whenever your hover board batteries are dry.

Pokemon Uranium Finally Taken Down

Pokemon Uranium was a fan-made Pokemon game that is so promising and it took 9 years of development before the game was published for release.

Of course, the game makes use of the popular Pokemon franchise to make their own iteration of the title and a lot of fans of the franchise have already downloaded the game.

In fact, the game garnered more than 1.5 million downloads in just a few days after the game was released.

But, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo wanted the game down. You see, the Pokemon company and Nintendo are partners and whenever an iteration of one of their games are being released, they are quick to take them down.

I think this is probably because of copyright issues and royalties. But it is really sad that the promising new fan-made Pokemon game that took 9 years of development was suddenly taken down because of this.

According to the team that was responsible for creating and releasing this game to the public, they’ve been issued multiple takedown notices from, what appeared to be, lawyers for Nintendo of America.

They didn’t disclose the exact content of those notices but they already know what Nintendo wants and they are going to respect Nintendo’s decision.

Although you have to note that Nintendo hasn’t issued an official cease and desist order for the game and neither did the company divulged official information about this matter.

Because of this, the game was taken down from their website and is now not available for download.

It is important to note that the game can be downloaded from various sources but those sources are not within the jurisdiction of the official team.

So, if you are going to download from third-party sources, you have to be careful as some people might include other unwanted things (like malware, for example).

Pokemon Uranium was a promising game because not only does it feature the 150 famous Pokemon, but new Pokemon types such as the Nuclear ones were also added to the game.

Even though it was taken down quickly, the game was still downloaded more than 1.5 million times.

That just shows you that the game has true potential and it is without a doubt that Nintendo will be concerned because of this.

Since the game has potential, it could mean that other official Pokemon game sales will suffer because of this.

For those of you who do not know, the Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released later this year and if Pokemon Uranium is going to be quite a good game, that it is possible that the Sun and Moon will have its sales dwindling upon launch.

It is sad that a fan-made game that took close to 10 years of development was taken down in just a few days after its release. Although I do have to admit that it was kind of inevitable in the first place.

Still, Pokemon Uranium had potential. Again, the game has been officially removed for download and the developers of the game caution the public not to download from outside sources.

Alundra Game for the Playstation One

What will you do if you have such an amazing gift, say, having the power to enter people’s dreams and something about it?

Well, there is such a game where you can “dreamwalk” by entering people’s dreams (or nightmares) and can possibly save them from death.

In this article, I will talk about Alundra Game for the Playstation One. This is an action-adventure RPG game and your role is to control Alundra in his quest to save the people from Merzas.

Anyway, the game begins with Alundra being washed ashore. Apparently, Alundra was mindlessly exploring the sea when a storm struck, leaving him and his ship wildly roaming the seas.

He ends up being washed ashore near the town of Inoa. Alundra was found by a Blacksmith who took him in.

When Alundra woke up, he was then told that the town is under some sort of curse as the inhabitants have been suffering from dreams or nightmares to the extent that some of them die.

Upon going about in the town, he comes across a poor fellow who has been having nightmares. After touching the person, Alundra apparently went into the person’s dream.

After defeating the foes in the person’s nightmare, Alundra sees that he has a special gift and that gift can help save the entire town.

After quite some time, the town is plagued by a severe curse where people are attacked in their nightmares and ultimately killing them in the process.

The townsfolk blamed Alundra for this because it only happened after Alundra came to the town.

It didn’t stop Alundra from helping the town, though. In fact, he implored the aid of another dreamwalker, Meia, to help him investigate this matter.

It was then later found out that Melzas was doing all of this. He disguised himself as a God so that people would worship and pray for him.

Every prayer he gets, he gains strength and power and, thus, the curse gets stronger and stronger.

After knowing of the fact, Alundra faces Melzas. After a fierce battle, Alundra emerged victorious and the city is spared from Melzas.

The Alundra Game for the Playstation One is one of the best action adventure games for the gaming platform.

That is because in this game, you need to control Alundra and you need to solve some mind-bending puzzles in order to advance the game.

Most of the time, you will be entering people’s dreams (or nightmares) and you fight against evil beings inside their dream state.

The game gives you a top-down perspective and Alundra has a sword as his main weapon. Further into the game, the player will have a chance to get a slew of other weapons as well.

Melzas is the main antagonist of the game and he is the one causing all of these nightmares that kill people.

Your main task is to uncover all of the information about Melzas so that you can defeat him for good, sparing the town from his evil.

If you want to have a rather challenging action-adventure game, then the Alundra Game for the Playstation One is a good choice.

5 Reasons Why You Seriously Need to Lose Weight

Obesity is a global epidemic. A lot of people all around the world have bulging bellies and some even have physiques that look horrendous.

I know that being fat is a lifestyle but it is a lifestyle that can kill you if you don’t do something about it.

I am an advocate of healthy living and in today’s article, I will share with you the 5 reasons why you seriously need to consider losing weight.

If you haven’t thought about the consequences of being obese, then I hope this article can shed some light.

Here are the 5 reasons why you seriously need to lose weight:

  1. Being Overweight can Cause Dementia. Dementia may develop in old people, but did you know that being fat during midlife is an indication that you will surely have Dementia later? Researchers have found out that when you have fatty arms during your 40s that you will likely develop Dementia when you hit age 58 and above. Dementia can be characterized by memory loss and a decrease in cognitive functioning.
  2. Overweight people are at risk of developing cardiac problems. If you are obese or severely overweight, you run the risk of developing heart problems when you reach your 40s. Also, you also have the likelihood of developing diabetes and you will also have a higher cholesterol level than people who are not overweight. Diabetes can cause serious complications and heart attacks can cause instant death.
  3. Overweight people are more prone to Depression. Depression is more common than you think and it is even more common in overweight people. There is a good correlation between being overweight and depression. A lot of people do stress eating where they resort to eating food to ease their stresses in life. If you continue this trend, you will surely develop depression sooner or later.
  4. Higher risk of Kidney Failure. Our kidneys have a big role to play in our overall health. If you are overweight, there is a big chance that you will develop CRF or Chronic Renal Failure. This means that your kidneys will not function properly anymore. If that is so, you will be in serious trouble and worse, you will need to undergo a kidney transplant asap.
  5. Arthritis. When you’re old, you run the risk of getting Arthritis. That likelihood will be 3x more when you’re overweight. Because you have to carry around more weight than necessary, your joints will be taxed so much in the process.

Back in the day, I was overweight. Now, I am a healthy person with a body weight of 170lb with only 7% body fat.

What compelled me to lose weight and live a healthier life? Health problems that are associated with being obese.

I hope that this article has shed some light to you. If you are overweight and you value your life, please do consider losing weight. I hope that the 5 reasons I mentioned above are enough to compel you to lose weight.

Speedy Ninja Game for Android

Mobile phones nowadays are more than capable gaming machines. If you buy even a mid-range phone, you now have a powerful portable gaming device. This is a good thing especially when you have to wait for long hours just to go home or pay some bills, for example.

Now, what better way to pass the time than to play games, right? So in today’s article, we are going to talk about a free game for Android mobile phones.

The Speedy Ninja Game for Android is an absolutely great time-waster game that is highly addictive and highly satisfying. To know more about this game, here are its features:

  • Play Free! The best Ninja action endless runner on mobile! (In-app purchases available)
  • Dive under the rope to defy gravity and avoid treacherous obstacles
  • Unleash screen-clearing weapons to destroy waves of enemies
  • Ride mythical dragons high into the sky to build your special abilities
  • Upgrade your Ninja, then rank up by topping the daily leaderboards
  • Complete daily challenges to unlock progressively greater rewards
  • Unlock character skins to increase your power beyond max levels
  • Build up a friends list, then summon your allies to extend your run

The Speedy Ninja Game for Android mobile phones is a fast-paced, side-scrolling platforming game that is highly addictive.

You, the player, will choose one ninja avatar and you will fight endless hordes of monsters until you die. The majority of the time, your ninja will traverse on a thin rope while he runs and runs.

To spice the game up, there will be numerous obstacles that you should overcome. You can also throw away projectiles to destroy the enemy as well.

During the course of your run, the game can get really challenging. There will be times that almost the entire screen will be populated by enemies. To help you get rid of them (and not die in the process), there are certain special items you can grab and use to eliminate all of these enemies in one mighty swoop.

Of course, such items only come in limited quantities, so only use them when you really have to.

Now, a game like this could usually go boring after a while. But, what makes the Speedy Ninja Game for Android mobile phones amazing is that all games are diverse. What I mean by this is whenever you start a new game, you will be in a new stage and background.

Also, you can also ride one of the mythical dragons! You can do this by buying it at the in-game store.

The in-game money you earn is very important as it allows you to upgrade your character. Not only that but you can also buy new ninja avatars and you can also upgrade your abilities as well!

If you want to compete against other people online, then you can pretty much do so. There is a leaderboard where you can register your highest score. Let your gaming prowess be known all around the world!

This game for Android supports mobile internet connectivity so be sure to get a mobile phone signal booster for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

The Speedy Ninja Game for Android is free to download with in-app purchases. This game is available in the Google Play Store.

Will the New iPhone be Waterproof?

Apple is a mobile phone giant that aims to deliver a flagship model of their famed iPhones each and every year.

The naming scheme is quite obvious so I will just refer to the new iPhone as the iPhone 7.

Now, there are rumors circulating over the internet these past few days stating that the new iPhone 7 mobile phone will be made out of entirely new materials and it is also rumored to be waterproof.

Of course, these are just rumors until Apple decides to officially spill the beans on what’s new about the upcoming mobile phone.

But, since the rumors are quite so real, let’s take the time to dissect where these rumors came from and why it came into fruition.

The rumors came from a prominent website Metro.uk. Since then, a lot of people were researching about anything that is new with the upcoming iPhone 7. Apparently, two things always come up: the new iPhone 7 being waterproof and it will also be made with entirely different materials.

Let’s talk about the first one. There are a lot of mobile phones on the market today that is waterproof, or at least, water-resistant. These phones can be put by the poolside and people will not worry if it gets wet because of its location.

Now, the iPhone 7, being a new and upcoming flagship model from Apple, it wouldn’t be too far off that the new mobile phone will become waterproof as well. Think about it: a lot of people are actually buying the new flagship mobile phone from Apple each and every year.

That means that the demographic or the number of iPhone users are plentiful. It would be logical to think that the phone will become waterproof as a lot of people do have a tendency to bring their phones either to the pool or to the beach, right?

Also, Sony, another mobile phone giant, have already released a lot of waterproof mobile phones in the past couple of years. If Apple were to not release the iPhone 7 as a waterproof device, it would leave them at the backburner since Samsung has already incorporated the waterproof design starting with their Samsung Galaxy S5, another flagship model from Samsung.

In line with the iPhone 7’s rumors of it being a waterproof mobile phone, some people have also speculated that the new mobile phone will have new and more durable components.

Apple has already tried using Aluminum and Plastic in making their iPhones in the past, and it would be nice if Apple were to use more durable and sturdier materials. Take a look at the direction where Sony is headed. Not only do they make their phones waterproof but they are also made of very durable materials.

In fact, Sony’s mobile phones are quite durable that a lot of people do not see the need to buy protective cases for their mobile phones anymore.

Still, these two things are still rumors as of this time of writing. Only time will tell when Apple will truly make a new and improved, waterproof mobile phone in the form of the iPhone 7.

MET-Rx Creatine 4200

When you go to the gym and do strenuous weight exercises, you will almost always feel sore afterwards. Muscles tend to grow at its full potential when you do weight training, but most people do not want the sensation because of the soreness they will encounter.

Fortunately, you can reduce the soreness and recovery time when you take Creatine supplements. Creatine is a highly-researched supplement that is proven to help you grow muscle, while at the same time, reduce recovery periods.

Today, we are going to take a look at a very promising Creatine supplement in the form of Met-Rx Creatine 4200. To know more about MET-Rx Creatine 4200, let’s look at its purported benefits:

  • A pre- and post-workout supplement
  • Help increase strength and power
  • Promotes muscle strength gains
  • Accelerates power and recovery from exercise
  • 100% HPLC pure creatine monohydrate
  • Enhances the ability of muscles to produce higher muscular force
  • Help promote athletic performance

As for people who want to take Creatine supplements, the common question is when to best take the Creatine supplement? Well, with the MET-Rx Creatine 4200, you can drink it as a pre or post workout supplement for maximum results!

Reduce your recovery time in half by taking in the MET-Rx Creatine 4200 supplement. The main ingredient of MET-RX Creatine 4200 is Creatine Monohydrate. This supplement uses a micronized form of Creatine Monohydrate, which dissolves faster than a non-micronized variant.

If you are someone who has a knack for doing intense workout routines, then the MET-RX Creatine 4200 is just right for you. Aside from fast recovery times, you can also get intense energy because of the supplement. Each capsule contains a concentrated dose of Creatine Monohydrate.

Scientifically speaking, Creatine Monohydrate transforms ADP into ATP, which is known to increase our energy levels.

With that being said, what do people say about the MET-Rx Creatine 4200? Here are some customer reviews:

Joe: “The MET-Rx Creatine 4200 just plain works for me. It gives me good, clean energy. It is not like pre-workouts at all, but it I do notice that I have more energy than not taking the Creatine pills. Furthermore, I also noticed that I have dramatically reduced recovery times because of the MET-Rx Creatine 4200. All in all, I would recommend this creatine supplement to anyone because for the price, you get a whopping 240 capsules. That is more than enough for a month’s supply.”

Doug: “The MET-Rx Creatine 4200 is a good creatine supplement. It gives me enough energy to help me finish my workout routine. I shied away from pre-workout supplements because they give me a crash. But, this creatine supplement just gives me a steady amount of energy all throughout. The only gripe I have with this supplement is that it is a little hard to swallow because of the size of the pill. Other than that, this is an effective Creatine supplement. In fact, this is the best one that I have tried.”

The MET-Rx Creatine 4200 is a no BS approach to Creatine supplementing. If you want to buy a bottle of this creatine supplement, it will only cost you $11.

MaritzMayer Raspberry Ketone Lean Advanced Weight Loss Supplement Review

Raspberry Ketones are prominent due to their weight-loss effects in the body. Because of this, a lot of supplement manufacturers incorporate the Raspberry Ketones into their fat-burning supplements.

One particular supplement company, MaritzMayer, has created a relatively cheap Raspberry Ketone supplement that has a number of additives that truly complement what the Raspberry Ketones can do.

We are going to delve deeper in MaritzMayer’s Raspberry Ketone Lean Advanced Weight loss supplements and see why this cheaper Raspberry Ketone supplement is quite popular among many people.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are a few additives that are present in the MaritzMayer weight loss supplement. Here are the things you can expect from this product:

  • 1200mg Proprietary Formula per serving
  • African Mango: A weight loss supplement derived from the seeds of a rare Mango from Africa, it has many health benefits. It helps to speed up the body’s metabolism.
  • Acai & Resveratrol: Super strong Antioxidants!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Powerful Weight Loss Aid & other health benefits!
  • Other ingredients are Kelp, Grapefruit & Caffeine, all formulated to help you lose weight!

raspberry-ketoenThe MaritzMayer Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplements contain a variety of well-known ingredients that can aid you in your weight-loss endeavors. Such ingredients are caffeine, Green Tea Extract and Kelp.

A MaritzMayer employee said that this supplement can increase your metabolic rates and it can also burn fat and keep the fat off your body for good. Coupled with a good diet, this weight loss supplement, can do wonders.

Not only that, but with antioxidants that this supplement has, you’re not only losing weight, you’re only ridding yourself from unwanted and harmful toxins, which is a good plus.

Among all of the Raspberry Ketone supplements that promise you to lose fat effectively, the MaritzMayer weight loss supplement is relatively cheap. In fact, this is the one of the only few Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplement that is priced below $10!

As of this time of writing, the MaritzMayer Raspberry Ketone Lean Advanced Weight Loss supplement is priced at a whopping low price of $7.15 for a bottle containing 60 capsules.

Let’s see what customers have to say about this product:

Kate: “I have been using this product since April!! I Love it, love it, and loveit. I have been titled as overweight for some time. Being a woman of short stature it has been difficult, this product difintely is helping me when my weight battle. I took this supplement to my primary care physican to show her what I was going to be taking and she ok’s it initially . From mid April thru june 05,2012 I have dropped 60lbs. My Doctor is not in agreement with this rapid weight loss and has asked me to stop all together. I will not stop however, I will cut back my dosage. I just wanted to share my experience using this product.. LOVE ITTTTTT!!!!!”

Joseph: “These pills really work I started taking them on Feb 18 2012 and by the first week of May 2012 I had lost 72 pounds. All I did is drink 4 16oz bottles of water a day and walk about a mile. If u put forth just a little effort this will work for you.”

Remember, not all supplements work for everyone, but if you’re willing to try a Raspberry Ketone to supplement your weight-loss, then the MaritzMayer Raspberry Ketone Lean Advanced Weight Loss supplement is a good product to try.

Gaming for Nintendo

Nintendo games consoles had always rode on the success of some of its fascinating games. Nintendo games consoles were a great treat, especially with their firm controls and their portability, but what also contributed to their popularity were the games. Nintendo developed some amazing games which were new, innovative and they were relatively uncomplicated to play while being enticing enough. It is well known today how Nintendo games consoles had explored Mario and had reinvented the popular character, time and again, to drive its sales. While Mario was completely new to most of the world and it continued to remain addictive for millions of gamers worldwide, there were a few games other than the Mario spree which had made Nintendo games consoles extremely popular.

  • Donkey Kong in early eighties and Donkey Kong Country later in 1994, had millions of fans addicted to Nintendo games consoles. Donkey Kong Country came out with 3D graphics, almost two decades before 3D movies became a norm. Donkey Kong County went on to become the fastest selling video game at that point in time. It is vouched for by many gamers and experts that Donkey Kong County was the most advanced or the most state of the art in regards to graphics, among all Nintendo games consoles.
  • GoldenEye 64 was one of the reasons why Nintendo 64 was such a hit. Through much of the nineties, shooter games with first person narrative were common in personal computers but they were yet to be a norm in gaming consoles. Nintendo games consoles took the plunge and when the movie Golden Eye became a hit in 1997, there was no stopping the GoldenEye 64 on Nintendo games consoles. Nintendo was also brave enough as a company to come with a rather weird shaped controller in the Nintendo 64 but it made perfect sense when a user played the controls or trigger to fire the weapons.
  • Pokémon became a sensation in late nineties. Pokémon was not a creation of Nintendo but it was smart coupling of a popular game with a popular gaming device at the time by the company. Nintendo games consoles with Pokémon became an instant favorite of millions, not just in the US but across the world.
  • Beyond the Mario and Super Smash Brothers, Nintendo games consoles after the turn of the century or millennium came out with Wii Sports. Motion controlled games that are fun, different and versatile became vogue and the sales of Wii consoles are documented for all to gauge its popularity.