Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin casino

We give you all the relevant info on bitcoin casino with no limit. What do you have to consider as a player? Just use our jumping point and get the knowledge that will make your decision making easier.

Bitcoin Casino

FAQ about Bitcoin Casino

Is Bitcoin use in online casinos legal for US players?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about that. All Bitcoin casinos we offer have a gambling license from Malta, Curacao or Gibraltar. Therefore, it is safe and legal for US players to play at a Bitcoin casino. The casino operators are also controlled and only use licensed game developers.

Are there Bitcoin casinos with bonus offers?

Yes, of course! The bonus offers at bitcoin casinos are the biggest and highest offers on the gambling market.

Are there Bitcoin casinos with slots?

Unfortunately, there is currently no pure Bitcoin casino where you can play the popular slot providers Bally Wulff, Merkur or Novoline. At the same time, the casino offers games from Bally Wulff. Under the game manufacturer name Gamomat, you can play the popular gambling house slots online, including all the features. Alternatively, you can play Amatic, a game studio that also develops land-based slot games, as well as online.

Is bitcoin a reputable payment method?

Bitcoin is a reputable payment method. Not only some online casinos, but also many online merchants and some normal retail stores, accept this method. As its own currency, Bitcoin is not subject to price fluctuations of other currencies. It regulates itself. Transactions are extremely highly secured and paying with Bitcoins is considered extremely trustworthy. Another cryptocurrency is Ethereum, which is not yet as accepted in the mainstream as Bitcoin, but very much so in the crypto scene.

What makes using Bitcoins so special?

The thing that makes Bitcoin special in the first place is that this is its own currency. As a cryptocurrency, it regulates itself and the value increases with usage and buy-ins. Especially for playing in online casinos, there are a lot of advantages. For one, payments don’t require account details or banking information, it happens completely anonymously. When paying with a credit card, for example, the purchase must be specifically assigned. The transaction is very fast and can be tracked online. In addition, the money transfers are secured several times.

How do I get Bitcoins?

Besides various methods like mining or earning, the most common method is to simply buy Bitcoins. You need to create a cyber wallet for this, for this there are various providers that allow good management. Now buy Bitcoins via other payment methods and use the wallet to pay for your online transactions. In principle, the wallet is similar to PayPal as an ewallet for real money currencies.

Types of games in Bitcoin casino

Look forward to a selection that is in no way inferior to an online casino with no limit. Everything you know from a casino provider, you get in a Bitcoin casino. Slots from the most popular providers, live casino tables with and without table limits, sportsbook like directly from the betting provider and craps games that all eyes are on.

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Bitcoin Casino

Sports betting with the cyberwallet Bitcoin? That’s possible! Even with cryptos, you can bet on your favorite club to your heart’s content, and thanks to selected Bitcoin casinos with valid gambling licenses, you also have a great selection to choose from. And regardless of whether you are a long-term player or a first-time depositor: all player accounts in the tested BTC casinos are responsibly secured with BTC and you can start betting right away.

The list of game formats will also help you find the right bet. For example, in addition to live bets, digital casinos also offer results bets, coach bets, next to score or who will be relegated? Of course, Bitcoin Sport doesn’t have the classic gaming tables with blackjack, roulette or poker. But week after week you can prove your expertise in soccer, ice hockey, rugby, baseball or even golf in international leagues with Bitcoin payment.

You have already purchased a registration at one of our test winners and are wondering if you can still join the crypto scene network and thus daddle table games, sports betting and slot machines in the overview with the currency from bitcoin trading? The clear answer is: yes! Even besides the welcome bonus, there are often other cashback promotions that are exclusive and sometimes selectable by bonus code with the BTC payment option. Here, the game selection at Bitcoin Sport is not linked to the payment method, and can be bet on with the Bitcoin payment method exactly the same way as with other transaction partners.

Last but not least: Withdrawal requests with Bitcoin at sports betting are also not subject to any conversion fees, and thanks to the valid gambling license, you will enjoy full respectability after the verification process at all recommendable BTC casinos. This is because Bitcoin exchange also remains logable with all gambling authorities. Therefore, don’t let your betting slip wait and dare!

Play slots with Bitcoin

If we may suggest you one thing, then use the Bitcoin deposit and daddel slot machines. Because the selection at this point is bigger than any other game offers. Well-known software developers like Gamomat release several slots per year. Getting behind that is not possible at all. Moreover, new game developers are always created and enter the market with new ideas like numerous paylines or new reel designs. So you can assume that almost every theme is available as a slot machine. And that’s twice 😉

Since a Bitcoin casino is not compliant with US regulation, you don’t have to worry about preset limits. This is because the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, as the most anonymous of all payment methods, encrypts your transactions. Accordingly, it is not controllable from which wallet the deposit came. However, the new gambling authority wants to know rigorously who deposits what. After all, US players are only allowed to deposit 1,100 USD per month in a US casino. And not per casino, but in total.

So forget the jurisdictions and the word blocking file and gamble as you see fit. If the money is there, or the currency has appreciated due to a fluctuation in value, then deposit more. Decide how much you can handle or stop before your balance is gone. It’s your decision and that’s fine. Of course, there is no time limit either, which is why you will suddenly be pulled out of your run or winning strategy. Because a Bitcoin casino is a casino without limits.

Live Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin Casino

With the Bitcoin cyberwallet, you can of course go to live casinos. As with all cryptos included, first-time depositors at Bitcoin casinos get the same free terms with this payment option as with any other payment method. In the live area of the online casinos, selected table games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and much more await you at different types of gaming tables. Table games from Ezugi are recommended. This is because as a live games provider, Ezugi has its own studios. These studios are located in Costa Rica, Belgium and Cambodia. A great selection with nice ladies and even live music on demand is available at Ezugi. As top as the games are, we unfortunately have to note as a disadvantage that there are no English-speaking tables. English skills and a basic understanding of the game should therefore be available to US players in advance.

At the same time, long-term players not only get their money’s worth with the balanced number of game formats, they are also always treated to the best conversion rate with the Bitcoin currency thanks to the Bitcoin overview in the player accounts. All online casinos of the crypto scene listed in our reviews have demonstrably and recordably acquired a legal gambling license and the payout requests of all players score with respectability and are also paid out after successful registration according to common conversion fees.

Particularly pleasing: when selecting table games, there are usually no deposit and withdrawal fees with the payment method Bitcoin. Meanwhile, if you sit down at the live game selection at the table at one of our Bitcoin test winners from the list, you can not only look forward to fantastic roulette, poker or blackjack parties, thanks to real dealers and cashback specials, you get the real casino feeling with the payment method Bitcoin all the way home week after week. Since Bitcoin trading is flourishing more and more, and the network with the cryptocurrency is rightly recognized by gambling authorities as an accepted and reputable exchange, you don’t have to have any regrets here.

Oh yeah: sometimes there is also a special bonus code that you can use for Bitcoin Live as well. Decide responsibly and wisely if you want to claim an additional bonus for table games, for example. Poker can come!

Bitcoin casino without payout limit

As mentioned elsewhere, Bitcoin casinos are also automatically casinos without limit. However, this does not mean that a casino provider in the gambling industry can also pay out any profit generation. Especially in Bitcoin casinos, there are many highrollers and therefore a maximum sum must remain manageable and the gambling site liquid. However, we are talking about exceptions here. If you don’t want to withdraw a maximum amount of 55,000 USD, you won’t have much to do with a withdrawal limit. Check with support in advance about the payment policies so that your withdrawal request can be processed as desired.

The transaction speed, as well as the transaction duration, are independent of the real money game coin amount. A payment fee is usually never charged. But again, it can be so one at gambling provider 1 and elsewhere another own jurisdiction applies. If the payout order is acquired in cryptocurrency, the exchange rates are relevantly relevant to you. This is because the cryptocurrency market is constantly in flux. Just search the net for a sample rate so that you also act your withdrawal request at a smart time. The gambling industry also holds only companies that are out to generate profit. But for that, you can play your favorite game of your gaming studio and gamble without any restrictions.


Craps luck and Bitcoins are not on the highest percentage levels when it comes to popularity in the crypto scene. However, the range of craps casino games is enjoying a growing community. Simply convert the local currency to Bitcoins at the exchange and initiate the transaction from your crypto wallet. After the online gambling hall verification process, nothing stands in the way of playing without time limits.

That’s right, there is no time limit, no wagering limit and no deposit limit either. This is because Bitcoin casinos do not insist on the US license and are thus all casinos without limits. That means there is no gambling authority breathing down your neck and the blocking file is also not an issue. Pleased to be able to deposit over 1,100 USD. The casinos are nevertheless licensed, but by other jurisdictions such as Curacao, Gibraltar or Malt.

Interesting for you are only the game offer and the exchange rate at the exchange. Many arcades also offer tournaments where you can win a high percentage number of real money. In addition, there is of course always a welcome bonus. Often it is also worth paying attention to whether the possibility of a reload is given. This way you can use your bonus balance even better. We think that this is entirely in the spirit of Mr. Satoshi and are happy to provide you with suitable Bitcoin arcades.

Bonus hunting in Bitcoin Casino

So, before you go to the Bitcoin payment service provider of your choice, get out the bonus code and make a deposit at an online casino, you should first read the bonus conditions of the provider carefully. Two key figures should be taken into account in particular, so that the payout can be successful later on. These are the so-called MaxBet or the maximum bet per spin as well as the turnover requirements that each bonus has. With the MaxBet can then often be found such information as 2, 5, 6 or even 11 USD. In concrete terms, this monetary value means that you will not be allowed to gamble higher per spin on the slot machine later on.

For example, if you have a classic MaxBet of 6 USD or the corresponding Bitcoin equivalent of the fiat currency at an online casino, then the bet on the reels – according to the paylines, of course – should also not be higher than 6 USD. If you disregard this information, different things can happen. In the best case, your bets will simply no longer qualify for the bonus and you will continue to play normally with your deposit amount, but will no longer receive the bonus amount on the slot machines. In the worst case, the online casino will take away your welcome or starter bonus, and very often you will not be able to claim it again. Therefore, pay strict attention to these requirements.

However, there are also online casinos that do not even require a MaxBet from you. This case should also be strictly checked in the bonus conditions, because sometimes the devil is in the details here. But a true bonus hunter learns with time. The second important metric you need to know is the turnover condition in the bonus. This is actually always given as a multiplier and has quite different values. To make it a bit more complicated, you should also consider whether you only have to convert the bonus amount or also your stake. If the latter is the case, you actually have to take the given number times 23 if it’s not already there, because otherwise only the bonus amount is always taken into account.

Last but not least, Bitcoin bonus hunters also benefit from other advantages that are only available with the cryptocurrency. Because due to the great exchange rate, sometimes really high amounts can be played in the online casino and certain tournaments or cashback promotions are also only tailored to this type of player. Therefore, it is especially worthwhile for bonus hunters to buy fresh Bitcoins and gamble with them in the virtual casino. Also, subsequent withdrawals with the cryptocurrency are subject to a different time limit than, for example, IBAN transfers. This means that not only deposits, but also winnings are transferred to the player’s corresponding wallet in a flash. Only the mining fees have to be taken into account here, whereas these are usually always taken over by the online casino for withdrawals. So if you want to become a true bonus hunter with Bitcoins, you should climb all the steps and treat yourself to the thrill of the cryptocurrency in the online casino.

Those who are still hesitant can still rest assured: Even the free spins and the game mechanics of the online gambling machines behave exactly the same with Bitcoin deposits as if you had deposited with a standard transaction method. Either your final BTC amount is converted by the online casino into the corresponding dollar/euro amount of the fiat currency on a daily basis, or the slot spins with the corresponding equivalent value and converts all bets exactly for you. As you can see, bonus hunting at Bitcoin casino is not only a new and exciting experience for you, but also a worthwhile investment.

Bitcoin Casino

The best Bitcoin bonuses

Discover what we think are the best bitcoin bonuses. How we come up with them? Our extensive and detailed testing system puts the bonus through its paces. Not only the amount is crucial, but especially the implementation conditions. This way, every bonus friend can find the bonus type that suits him or her.