Online Poker

Online Poker

Since the big online poker boom in the mid 00s, variants like Texas Hold’em have been the talk of the town. This has led many online providers to strictly separate their multiplayer games in the live dealer area from the other casino games. After all, the differences are serious. Online poker is unpredictable because you are playing against human opponents and not against the house. Therefore, it is only logical to distinguish between online, casino and video poker. In my review you will get all the important information about safe and legal online poker sites where you can compete with other players for real money.

When I test online casino games for you, I usually recommend that you don’t just look at the casino, because the game manufacturers are also responsible for the quality and make of the games. With online poker it is different. Here, the online poker providers provide you with entire software platforms through which you can enter different rooms and variants. The strength of the best poker online rooms lies in the community of players. Nevertheless, there are minimum requirements that you should consider before playing this card game for real money.

Rate and entry fee

In RNG games, the payout rates are a reliable source of information about the chances of winning when playing against the house. However, this is not the case in online poker real money – here you play against human opponents. If you win a game, the pot is equal to the stakes of all players present. Of course, the best online casinos also earn from this: entry fees play an important role.For example, if an entry fee is marked as 110 USD + 12 USD, it means that the operator receives 12 USD of a buy-in amount of 112 USD. Likewise, the operators charge a so-called rake. This is a fee where the casino receives a certain percentage during each hand as revenue from the pot.

How to find the best online poker site

Given the wide range of online poker real money sites, it is not always easy to make the right choice. The market is highly competitive, and despite the industry’s efforts to establish reputable regulatory standards, online poker fraud cannot be ruled out – there are occasional black sheep in every profession. Nevertheless, there are some criteria that will help you to make the right decision. I will present the most important factors in the following sections.

Range of games offered by online poker sites

A good poker site will offer you a minimum of three different game types. When playing poker online, you will find some overlap with the game in land-based casinos. You can join and leave tables whenever you want. You cannot be eliminated. If you run out of credits, you can recharge your account at any time and continue playing. You can also choose between tables with different betting limits. Especially in games with higher stakes, the pot can sometimes grow to considerable sums.

There are many types of online tournaments. However, they all have one thing in common: As soon as a player has gambled away his balance, he is eliminated. The games are played until a single winner is determined. A single online poker real money site may host different types of tournaments. These differ in the time intervals between the games, the rules and of course the type of winnings.

Sit and Go games are similar to small tournaments. Instead of starting at a set time, Sit and Go tournaments start as soon as enough players have gathered at the table. Online poker providers often use Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em – the most popular variants at the moment. Prize pools with randomly generated amounts provide additional excitement.

Advantages of playing poker online

Studying facial expressions and gestures, feints and many a psychological trick as well as the various poker strategies make up the charm of the classic card game in the casino. Nevertheless, more and more players swear by playing online poker. The advantages are obvious: you can find new tournaments in seconds and have the choice between different attractive prize pools. Another point concerns the stakes. Compared to land-based casinos, you are already playing with visibly lower amounts. The amount of the stakes usually corresponds to the table limits at the providers on my online casino list.

Likewise, you don’t have to plan 13 hours for your participation in online poker tournaments, as is often the case with offline tournaments. The number of providers and tables is so large that you will always find a free seat – as well as tables whose betting limits match your personal preferences.

Another advantage is definitely the different variations that this game has to offer, as well as the possibility to try all of them out. For example, there is also the ever-popular video poker, as well as online casino poker play. The latter refers to all types of the game, where you compete alone against the house.

Recommended software providers for online poker rooms

With most providers you can download and install the online poker software on your PC. This is provided by a single manufacturer such as 888poker or Playtech. Especially when playing live against players from all over the world, this improves the performance of the game – you are less susceptible to game delays due to fluctuating internet connections. The software gives you access to a lobby where you can access the individual games and interact with other players. If you want to play on the go, most of the providers also offer separate online poker apps for smartphones and tablets.

Poker bonus at Bitcoin Casino

Online Poker

As it is already the case with conventional Bitcoin Casino, there is also a special poker bonus for fans. The bonus offers vary: From bonus credits or a no deposit bonus to free tournament entry tickets, everything is there. Such a welcome offer gives players the opportunity to participate in tournaments in which they would otherwise not participate due to the high entry fees and gain valuable experience in the process. As with the Bitcoin Casino bonus, the poker bonus is also subject to clearly defined turnover requirements. In addition, there are regular promotions and events that vary from provider to provider and interact with the global tournaments of the poker world. Therefore, I recommend you to regularly visit the page of your operator, which will inform you about the events.

Conclusion: Many tournaments and fast pace of play

There is hardly a better time to start playing online poker. The providers in the US offer you a wealth of game variations and attractive bonus offers. In addition, there are many exciting tournament formats. They are constantly working on the user-friendliness and user experience of the software provided. But the overall package is also right. You can rely on a professional customer service and use PayPal or other convenient payment services for your deposits and withdrawals at online poker. And that’s not all: Most providers have a casino area where you can play exciting online slots or classic table games like online roulette against the house.