Double Diamond Slots

Double Diamond Slots

The online version of the classic Double Diamond Slots game is a little different than the one that you may have played in your local casinos. The slots feature three reels, not four as in a traditional version. This means there are three pockets on the reels where you can place bets. The one pay line and smaller number of reels give you better access to smaller, but more consistent wins than its traditional counterpart.

Odds for winning Double Diamond Slots

Because the odds for winning Double Diamond Slots online are slightly higher than they would be in a land based casino the jackpot will pay out much larger amounts. However, it’s important to remember that because you are playing online gambling the odds are always in your favor. No matter how big or how small the odds you will still come out with more money than if you were to play the traditional way. Of course the odds will vary between online casinos and slot machines in real life.

In the Double Diamond Slots version you are actually completing one line by completing all three reels. Unlike the versions you see in most casinos where you see a 4 or a 6 on one reel. When you see these signs stay clear of placing bets and instead play the machine to earn bonus points.

Login and start playing Bitcoin Casino

Once you are ready to start playing you will be prompted to login and start playing Bitcoin Casino. Just like any other Bitcoin Casino you will need to create an account and enter in your login name, password and email address. Once you have done so you will be ready to hit the play button. Using the back arrow keys you can switch between the classic slots games and the Double Diamond Slots. At the same time you can use the space bar to switch from classic slots to the double diamond slots.

When playing you will notice that you do not have to pay extra money to use the double diamond slots. Everything is done automatically through the internet using your secure, private server. When you click on the play button, you will be prompted to put in a basic wager. When you press the red play button again the machine will start and show a random number combination. You can now place your bets and win great prizes!

Bonuses and jackpot

Double Diamond Slots

There are many people who are amazed at how much extra money they win just by playing the Double Diamond Slots. The bonuses and the jackpot size make this slot machine a favorite among many. Many people are able to get a payout of over 400% of what they placed as a bet. The bonuses and the extra money that Double Diamond Slots can bring in can make it very enticing for everyone to play. If you have not checked out this slot machine before then you should take the time to check it out today.

One of the best things about Double Diamond Slots is that it gives you the option to play for maximum payouts per spin. Unlike classic 3-reel classic slots where you have to change coins over again, with the Double Diamond Slots you have an unlimited amount of coins to play with per spin. This is perfect for players who like to have more fun with their money and want to make more of it. There is many Double Diamond Slots around at all times and you can choose the one that you want to play at any given moment. Playing Double Diamond Slots is like having two classic slot machines at the same time.

Some people love the feel of getting real money that they put into a slot machine instead of coins. Playing these types of slots is very similar to what people would experience when they place coins in a slot machine. However, there is more to playing Double Diamond Slots and winning huge payouts than just knowing where all the symbols are located. You need to learn how to beat the odds and this is done by knowing what symbols are on the reels of each of the double dimes.