When you think of online casino games, you usually only think of the classics like roulette, blackjack and slot machines. However, you can also play keno online at many providers. On this page you will find all the information about keno games and the best keno casinos available for players in the US.

Find the best online keno games

Anyone familiar with the world of online casinos knows that providers want to outdo each other when it comes to the selection of table games or slot machines, for example. When it comes to online keno games, the picture is different: the selection is comparatively small – even if this is still a lot compared to lotto keno. However, this does not mean by implication that there are no exciting and entertaining titles to discover in this category.

On the contrary, there are some real gems among the few online games. I was most impressed by Monkey Keno from Microgaming subsidiary Quickfire. This lottery-like title is even remotely reminiscent of some of the most played online slots. Here, cheeky little monkeys liven up the gameplay! Everyone should have experienced how they determine the winning numbers by throwing coconuts. Keno Universe from EGT Interactive and Classic Keno from the manufacturer Section8 are much more inconspicuous.

The latter title even exudes something like retro charm with its digital numbers. Depending on the keno type, friends of the game will quickly find their way around both games without any problems. The same applies to the classic variant from Microgaming. There, in contrast to the other offers, you can even mark up to 16 numbers, which in turn has an influence on the odds. Otherwise, the game rules are very similar, and you can learn more about the few variations and special features in the payout rates section.

How to play

Run to the nearest kiosk, buy a ticket and then wait for the next draw? And then check the tickets for winnings and run to the kiosk again to collect the winnings? That was yesterday! Playing keno at an online casino is much easier and more convenient. Once you have registered on an appropriate site and internalized the keno rules, playing is a breeze. This is the simple gameplay of online keno:

  • Buy tickets and select numbers. You choose any number of your desired numbers and determine the ticket price.
  • Drawing the winning numbers. Once the draw has been started, everything runs fully automatically from here on. The numbers are drawn one by one and it is immediately apparent how many of your numbers were correct.
  • Immediate payout of winnings. The payout of your winnings based on the number of numbers picked, the number of correct numbers and the ticket price is immediately booked to your user account and is available for further bets on any games.

How I selected the top sites

The selection of online keno casinos is huge, where you can bet real money. Besides the number of games available across all categories, I pay special attention to the matching bonus offers of the keno online casinos. Other important points for me are the payout ratios offered as well as the payment options provided for deposits and withdrawals.

The providers that I suggest to you do well above average in all the mentioned categories. In my opinion, they should be your first port of call if you want to play online keno to win the jackpot or a large sum of money.

Overview: The biggest software providers with keno Bitcoin Casino games

Given the overall manageable selection of keno Bitcoin Casino games, the most important manufacturers are quickly named: The iGaming software giant Microgaming is directly or indirectly responsible for most of the titles. In addition to the basic variant, the subsidiary Quickfire provides Monkey Keno, which has already been mentioned several times. However, there are several other well-known providers with the one or other keno game. Personally, I don’t find the rather small game selection too bad, because there are hardly any differences in the game when it comes to keno, so you have more than enough choice with a handful of game variants. Good Bitcoin Casino have the games of several providers in the offer, so that the game selection of these keno sites does not depend only on a single manufacturer. Of course, you can also simply try out several providers, because all games can also be tried out first in free demo mode with play money before playing for real money.

Play Keno online for free

In order to give you a personal impression without any obligation, I offer a demo version below, which allows you to play Keno online for free. This way you can get acquainted with the game for free before you move on to playing Keno for real money. While keno reminds many players of the lottery, there is almost no lottery in the world that allows you to try it out for free, so whether you are an experienced or inexperienced keno player, I encourage you to try it out for free.

If you want to play keno in online casinos, you will find that it is currently still a small niche. Whether this will change in the near future is difficult for me to foresee. Those who like to fill out a lottery ticket, but are not a fan of the lottery odds, will not be bothered by the sometimes antiquated appearance of individual titles. After all, the chance of winning something with Keno is higher. Nevertheless, everyone should hope that a manufacturer like Evolution Gaming will take on the game and redevelop it as a live casino game.

Keno: The differences to bingo


In terms of gameplay, there are no differences between online keno and online bingo. Only the game principle itself is a little different. Whereas in bingo you get a card with randomly chosen numbers that you have to cross off with the winning numbers and reach a winning line, in keno you choose your own numbers beforehand.

After that, a fixed number of numbers is drawn (usually 21) and the payout depends on how many numbers you have chosen and guessed correctly. You can find all the details on the keno rules page. Players have different opinions about how many numbers to pick. You can find out the pros and cons on the keno tricks and strategies page.

The payout rates of the Keno

When choosing a suitable casino with keno games, you should always keep an eye on the payout rates in addition to the game offer and the welcome package. The game manufacturers make it very easy for you to get this important information. They provide the so-called RTP value for each individual game. What does this mean? First of all: RTP stands for Return to Player.

This means the percentage of the stakes that are paid out to the players as winnings. In online casinos, payout rates of 96% and more are not uncommon. In practical terms, an RTP of 96% means that if you wager $110, theoretically $100 will be returned to the players as winnings.

No lottery in the world offers such good odds. In the following table I have selected the payout odds of some of the most popular variants with the respective Keno odds.

Keno bonus

The keno casinos advertise with numerous bonus offers for your favor. As always, when making your personal choice, don’t just look at the bonus amount itself. Each welcome package is linked to certain conditions. Only when you have read through them completely, you have fully understood them and they are to your advantage, you should strike. If all this is too long or complicated for you, you can simply reject the offers.

The bonus conditions can usually be found in the fine print under the offer, sometimes you also have to take a look at the terms and conditions. They always include a maximum amount, a turnover requirement and a turnover period. In addition, it is possible that certain games or entire game categories are not fully eligible for the release of the bonus amount.

I go into each of these points in much more detail in the corresponding section on my bonus topic page. Otherwise, the customer service staff of the casinos are of course your first point of contact. If keno is excluded from the bonus turnover in the online casino of your choice, check out my provider list with a casino bonus without conditions.

The future of online keno

Keno has found its niche in online casinos. The games work and provide good entertainment for fans of this simple game. As long as this demand exists, I see no reason why providers would want to do without it. On the other hand, no great innovations are to be expected in this line of business. In this respect, the manufacturers rather go wild with extraordinary features at the online slot machines or also at the elaborately staged Live Dealer Roulette games.

A simple game with a very special appeal

There are some die-hard Keno online lovers who enjoy the simple game principle and the associated ease of use, which does not pose any riddles. In the best casinos I tested with games in this category, you can safely play keno online for real money around the clock and from any location. The payout odds are consistently at a very high level.

However, the few available titles set neither graphical nor sound highlights. The focus here is clearly on the fast gaming experience. If you are interested in keno, you can also take a look at the lotto games in the online casinos to fill out a game ticket, or visit my page on the best bingo casino providers.